The State of the MCAD Market in Russia

As the editor of isicad.net / isicad.ru and CEO of LEDAS, in summer 2009, I invited Ralph Grabowski to make a tour to Russia. I am happy we have together implemented this project: in early September Ralph visited St-Petersburg, Moscow, and Novosibirsk, where he attended eight CAD-related companies and (in Moscow) moderated a round table “Future of MCAD”.

The visit was in every detail described in Ralph’s well-known blog and upFront.eZine review. I don’t know the statistics of visits to those web sites but the Russian publications (at isicad.ru and at my Russian blog) that reflected Ralph’s tour were extremely popular.

Ralph has later composed a bi-lingual brochure about his Russian tour. This book (a pdf-file) became available couple days ago. A detailed info which in particular says
"the 126-page report will give you insights into the...
...history of MCAD in Russia during and after Soviet rule.
...product offerings by MCAD firms native to Russia, and from outside the country.
...special problems faced by Russian firms doing business with the West.
...challenges faced by Western MCAD firms opening branch offices in Russia"
was published as Ralph’s blog post The State of the MCAD Market in Russia .

Note that at isicad.net you can (every 2-3 months) read a summary of the news from the Russian CAD/PLM market. Here are two samples:
Brief isicad-Overview of the Russian CAD/PLM Market: Nov-Dec, 2009,
Brief isicad-Overview of the Russian CAD/PLM Market: Sept-Oct, 2009

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