With LGS 3D v.3.0 LEDAS takes a major step towards full-scale variational direct modeling

Yesterday LEDAS announced the availability of version 3.0 of its LGS 3D geometric constraint solver. LGS 3D permits users to express their design intent through a combination of geometric constraints and driving dimensions.

Version 3.0 contains many improvements in stability and performance; as well, it implements new features requested by developers of history-free 3D geometry editing applications.

Version 3.0’s primary new feature is its ability to adjust the radii of circles, cylinders, and spheres automatically to satisfy constraints. This function allows users to modify fillets, blends, and round holes in their models parametrically. By default, the radii are fixed so that existing assembly design and kinematic simulation applications implemented with previous versions of LGS 3D continue to work as expected.

Version 3.0 of LGS 3D brings LEDAS significantly closer to the implemention of the company's strategic program announced in October 2008 in the white paper Variational Direct Modeling: How to Keep Design Intent in History-Free CAD.


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