LEDAS Visits Bricsys at Gent

Gent is not only a world known touristic and university center, it is also the place where www.bricsys.com has its headquaters. In his comparatively recent interview, Erik de Keyser, Bricsys Founder and CEO, mentioned "We have already a close collaboration with the LEDAS Company, based in Novosibirsk". Yesterday with LEDAS CEO Dmitry Ushakov and LEDAS Director R&D, Applications Alex Kazakov, I came to Gent to spend couple days to better understand what actually Erik meant:).

Of course I cannot so far publicly explain which projects we are doing together. What I can do, is to assure you that Bricsys is a good and effective prospective partner, its team is very qualified and experienced, its plans are very ambitious, its offices are very nice, and Gent - the town where Belgian part of Bricsys is operating is VERY attractive - see my post of yesterday. (Bricsys has external big teams in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and in Romania. There are also team members in US, China, and other countries).

So take a look at some pictures of today.

In several important aspects of its life, Bricsys is following a precept for minimalist design by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: Less is More:
Erik demonstates minimalism of the Bricsys offices (minimal presence of the employees is explained by after-week-end morning):
and in particular minimalism of his personal office:
This is a minimalistic kitchen:
This is Vondle - one of the key products:
And this is one of two girls-developers (In LEDAS in R&D we also have only two girls ):
The meeting starts:
Erik explains the prospects of Bricsys:
Luc de Batselier, CTO Bricsys, explains technological prospects of the company:
The meeting was continued during the dinner:
When the dinner was finished, environment around the restaurant looked like this: 

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