Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2011: Some Sights and Sounds

During our business trip to Western/South Eutope Dmitry Ushakov - LEDAS CEO and I,  visited Gent (Belgium), Paris, and Monaco-Nice. This was briefly illustrated by my 4 previous posts. One of the most exciting (to say nothing about business aspects:)) events of the trip was Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2011 which we were lucky to attend thanks to our calendar and  hospitality of our Monaco partners and friends.  
As an expert in F1 and an invited writer, Dmitry has artisticaly described our impressions of two days spent at Formula 1 but so far - in my Russian blog. Now we suggest you to take a look at 5 brief video clips made on May, 29 at F1 in Monaco. Note that, as everbody, we used ear gags that were sold around for couple euros:)... 

1. Drivers parade

2. Warm-up lap

3. Safety car #1

4. Fight between Vettel, Alonso and Button

5. 3 seconds before Petrov's accident

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