One More Section at COFES-Russia, Now on AEC/BIM

After a preliminary program of COFES-Russia was announced, some people and companies reproached the organizers for the Seminar's focus on (M)CAD and lack of AEC/BIM. There is a dozen of obviously important actors in the Russian market that consider AEC or AEC+BIM as an important if not the key part of their business.

Therefore we added one more Working Group (WG-7) which is characterized as follows.

Perspectives of Building Information Modeling and its impact on AEC market

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process of generation and management of building/construction data during its lifecycle. BIM uses AEC CAD tools for creating common information model of a building/construction that is shared for collaborative development by several teams of architects and engineers. The building information model consists of the description of geometry, spatial relations, geographic data, material properties, etc. Participants of this workgroup will discuss new tools and technologies for creating and managing BIM data.

- Parametric building modeling
- 4D technology
- Green design
- Computer-aided engineering for AEC
- Collaborative development
- AEC design data standards
- Employment of new technologies in the Russian AEC market
- PLM and BIM: twins?

The latest version of the agenda can be found here.

I will appreciate any proposals to improve a summary of the domain and the list of potential topics for discussion.

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