COFES 2011 As Seen From Siberia

COFES 2011 was opened today in Arizona. Probably Dmitry Ushakov @dmitryushakov, CEO LEDAS and co-editor of isicad.ru / isicad.net is the most geographically distant participant: his way from Novosibirsk to Scottsdale took about 30 hrs.

isicad.net and isicad.ru will likely publish more serious reports of participants, but right now I, sitting in Novosibirsk (today: +20C, sunny), will briefly retell the 1st day agenda, and quote some tweets from #COFES2011. The pictures are taken from twitter, from cadovod - one of the most popular Russian CAD bloggers, and from Oleg Shilovitsky blog. As for Dmitry Ushakov, his COFES interests are for 95% related to LEDAS but maybe remaining 5% enable him sooner or later to write an integrated report for isicad.

I love a picture of all participants from Russia because it clearly demonstrates that COFES 2011 could already be announced successful:

See my report about 1st day of COFES 2011 which is a slightly shortened (non Google) translation of my Russian report for isicad.ru.  

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