RhinoWorks from LEDAS Revolutionizes Direct Modeling

A new released today plug-in from LEDAS gives Rhino users parametric control over their 3D models. It brings constraint-based parametric design to the popular freeform modeling tool from Robert McNeel and Associates. RhinoWorks allows designers to edit many kinds of solid, surface, and wireframe models parametrically. It gives them full control over design intent through the application of geometric and dimensional constraints, which significantly increases the productivity when designs change. RhinoWorks unifies two previous LEDAS’ plug-ins for Rhino, RhinoAssembly and RhinoDirect, in one product. It is fully compatible with any model created by the two former plug-ins. 

Actually this original technology from LEDAS can be regularly applied and is already applied to other systems to upgrade them to MCAD or/and to enhance them by intelligent direct modeling which keeps design intent.  Dmitry Ushakov, LEDAS CEO, will give a lot of details at COFES 2011, which opens today in Arizona. 

See a clip which demostrates how RhinoWorks is editing an imported SolidWorks file.  
RhinoWorks recognizes many geometric relationships automatically (such as coincidence, tangency, parallelism, concentricity, and equal radii). This means that designers merely need add a few dimensional constraints to have full control over the design intent for their models; the rest are added automatically. An Options dialog box allows users to specify specific modes in automatic recognition of constraints.

The LEDAS technology used to build RhinoWorks can be also used and is already using to correspondingly enhance other popular systems to upgrade them up to MCAD level or/and enhance them with direct modeling facilities.

For more details incl. availability and prices, see a full press-release and a new version of www.DrivingDimensions.com

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