ASCON moves towards BIM relying on C3D kernel and A.Bausk

This step of ASCON is not a bombshell. See, for example, how the company CEO Maxim Bogdanov presented the key directions of ASCON’s immediate developments last May:
However, the news that came out on this Friday about ASCON, BIM, C3D kernel, and Alexander Bausk altogether was a kind of a sensation for the Russian CAD market. 

After his excellent simultaneous translation at isicad-COFES-Russia 2010, a series of analytical articles (such as "More or Less Optimistic Update on BIM"), participation in Arizona COFES 2012, moderating BIM-related round tables at AU Russia 2013 and COFES Russia 2013, Alexander Bausk, who has a PhD in structural analysis and is an expert in industrial (nuclear stations) AEC, became one of the most noticeable analysts on Russia & CIS market. To better understand what I mean, see for example @bauskas.

Now a prompt nano-interview with Alexander.        

Is it true that you are now a full-time employee at ASCON?
Yes, it is true. It happened three days ago.

What is your position and what is the main focus of your tasks?
I've got a position of a leading analyst in one of new ambitious ASCON projects that uses ASCON’s modeler C3D. Joining ASCON, I have not changed the key point of my personal interests and work: it is still AEC engineering. My plans to help advance BIM also have not changed and I get an enthusiastic support from my employer. I believe that together we will present some new remarkable AEC and BIM tools. 

As far as I know, until now, you have been living quite far away from St-Petersburg. Do you work with ASCON remotely, over the Internet? 
No. Now I am living in St Petersburg, and my family will move here as soon as the school year is over.

My comment
ASCON has sound competences in MCAD, PLM, AEC, and supporting technologies. All ASCON’s current solutions are very popular in the Russian market, and the company’s ecosystem is likely the most developed in comparison with other vendors operating in Russia. ASCON has very close and efficient links with the Russian industry and is aware of its specifics and everyday needs. It means that although developing and bringing a new BIM product to market is very risky, ASCON has good chances.

Anyway, I believe that an attempt to use C3D for BIM is a promising project for the geometric kernel since it might open some new (hopefully original or maybe innovative) directions of software development. Finally, I am sure that active entering into the BIM audience is, among other things, an effective marketing move to better promote the flagship ASCON solutions.