LEDAS Game Jam

Main text and photo by Anton Tarasov, LEDAS jam initiator.

Besides 20 industrial software development projects, LEDAS team organises and supports some informal activities including
- a club of movie lovers (movies only in English),
- a club of books lovers,
- regular table tennis championship of LEDAS, 
- successful participation in annual volleyball championships of Novosibirsk academic campus,
- classes twice a week to improve our conversational English,
- support for the All-Siberian contest on programming, 
- and some others. 

Recently, a new activity arose, a 36-hour game jam (start at 9 a.m. Saturday, finish at 9 p.m. Sunday, some strict rules assumed), aimed to develop video games and probably to master/improve new techniques - of course, along with obvious entertainment. Below you can see a translation of a report on the first game jam posted by LEDAS in a popular Russian social network VK .

Day 1

Randomly selected topic: "Small character, big enemies". The initial plan was to think over the ideas separately however this smoothly resulted in a team brainstorming. 

We generated 16 game ideas:

Participants: 2 teams each of 2 persons + 5 individuals:

During the day, we met couple times in the LEDAS café to have a snack and discuss the jam progress:

Day 1 was rather fruitful; almost everyone already had playable prototypes. One of us, having spent 13 working hours, has completed his jam by the end of Day 1:

Day 2

By the lunch of Day 2, almost everyone began to enrich contents and balance their prototypes:
In the evening, after the jam, some of us met to review the developed games:

 And to make the photo:

Final screenshots: