Autodesk and PTC change heads of the offices in Moscow

Just after long (1-10 January) Russian New Year vacations it was announced that Alexander Tasev decided to leave his position of the head of the Autodesk Russia & CIS to continue his career beyond the company. As the company's notification says, Alex was 5 years running development of the Autodesk business in Russia & CIS and has contributed a lot into achievements of the company and unprecedented growth of its business in the region. Alex willingly cooperated with isicad: gave his interview to isicad.ru and isicad.net, participated in the International multi-vendor CAD/PLM Forum isicad-2008, etc.

Since January 15, Rudolf Danzer, an Autodesk Vice-President on Emerging Countries will temporary keep position of the head of the Russia & CIS office. Thanks to support of the Moscow and West-European Autodesk officers, Mr. Danzer has kindly gave his answers to the brief questions of isicad.net and isicad.ru, see his interview: "I am excited to be more directly in touch with the day-to-day running of the Autodesk business in Russia".

Couple days later, Mr. Valery Pragin was nominated as the head of the PTC office in Moscow. Mr. Pragin was for quite a long time working as a high ranked maneger at Intergraph and IBM PLM offices in Moscow. Valery says he likes PTC "because the company offers their customers not products but rather advantages"...

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