Autodesk becomes a PLM Solution Supplier? What about Digital Prototyping from DS?

CIMdata has just released a program review called “Autodesk’s Evolution as a PLM Solution Supplier”. For a long time, isicad portal has been convincing Autodesk:) to enter the PLM club: this was one of the reasons for us to publish a summary of the review in Russian.

Now take a look at the fundamental DS slide which illustrates the company evolution:

If you pay less attention to “PLM 2.0” than to 3D life-like experience, Realistic Simulation, Collaborative Innovation…”, all this looks like advanced digital prototyping. I found it funny to imagine that Autodesk and DS can someday exchange their marketing accents…

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  1. David,

    I hardly believe Autodesk will go toward PLM route. At least Carl Bass will need to withdraw his "anti-PLM rap" video from youtube first. I believe Ed Miller of CIMData just figured out the urgent need to integrate for Autodesk products. Some of my thoughts are here- http://plmtwine.com/2010/01/26/plm-for-individuals-integrate-or-die/

    Best, Oleg