Russian EMERCOM to Use Autodesk 3ds Max for 3D Geo Modeling

EMERCOM (officially called Ministry of the Russian Federation for Affairs of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Relief) has chosen Autodesk 3ds Max for building a full data base of 3D Geo models for the Russian cartography. Deployment will be done by the PSS Company – one of the Autodesk Gold Partners in Russia. Along with purchasing the software, EMERCOM invested into a profound training of its 20 employees that will be building the GeoDB for a vast region around St Petersburg.

EMERCOM is internationally recognized as one of the most advanced ministries of Russia: well equipped, trained, operative, and efficient in elimination of aftermaths. See for example The doctors EMERCOM of Russia continue to help the victims of Haiti.

Interesting that at the EMERCOM website (see a fragment at the picture) one can see a button named Fighting Corruption. If you click it, you will see – unfortunately only in Russian– a long (and regularly updated) list of publicly announced cases when the employees of EMERCOM were convicted (or even suspected) in corruption.

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