Brad Holtz to Introduce COFES Spirit into the Moscow CAD/PLM Event in September

Many actors of the Russian CAD/PLM market have heard that the Fourth multi-vendor isicad Forum will be held on 21 September in Moscow. Some of these actors decided to join the Forum, among them – representatives of ASCON, Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, HP, NVIDIA, PTC, Siemens PLM Software, SpaiceClaim, Top Systems, and others. LEDAS also participates not only as the organizer.

A special feature of isicad-2010 is its combination with the seminar COFES-Russia. Even as only a formality, such a combination would be honorable and pleasant because COFES is recognized in the world as a leading and very fruitful conference in the field of CAD/PLM. But I hope this combination will be productive in terms of its direct and strategic results: we are going to bring to our forum a rich experience of twelve successful COFES events aimed at the analyzing and encouraging creative ideas for the benefit of our industry as a whole.

One of the principal inventors and implementers of the COFES format is Brad Holtz - President of COFES and Cyon Research. I have already presented Brad to the Russian readers on several occasions - in particular as an analyst whose predictions of the market developments are very often justified. A few weeks ago I have at last met Brad and got a chance to discuss in details the preparations for the September event and to listen to the first-hand Brad’s explanations of some basic principles that ensured success of COFES.

For the first time I face to face encountered such a wonderful professional approach to the organization of conferences - an approach that is based on a very clear ideology, style, and commitment to the accurate technology and procedures of organization. I do not believe that in our one-day September event we will be able to fully apply the experience of COFES which always is held during 3-4 days out of town. Our isicad-2010/COFES-Russia will be held in the center of a megalopolis tired from traffic jams and unusual heat with participants who are not too much inclined to interact with their competitors (except for friendly beer get-togethers) and who instead of industry-wide discussions prefer advertising their own offerings… Yet this first experience will certainly be useful for all of us.

Brad Holtz will perform in Moscow with a large guest presentation on his vision of global CAD market, serving as a moderator of the plenary session and will participate actively in the work of several thematic round tables, as well as – in the press conference. In addition Brad is invited to the Forum Autodesk (to be held in Moscow on 22-23 September), also he is expected to have a series of individual meetings with Russian companies. Only several days after Moscow, on Sept. 28, Brad will keynote at a conference in Detroit... By the way, in mid December there will also be the COFES-Israel Summit.

At my request, Brad kindly wrote a letter to the readers of isicad.ru/isicad.net and to the participants of the Moscow Forum/Seminar. From the letter, I found out that Brad had already visited Moscow at the beginning of perestroika, and he then formed opinion about the benefits of Russia's IT - benefits that should today become apparent...


Brad Holtz’s letter to the readers of isicad portal: English original and Russian translation.
COFES-Russia / isicad-2010: English and Russian pages


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