Media at COFES-Russia / isicad-2010

COFES-Russia will be held in 27 days. The key parameters of the event are of course determined, see the agenda and details. It's time to present some key participants.

All CAD/PLM - related Russian language media will attend COFES-Russia combined with isicad-2010 multi-vendor Forum. I am glad that some world-known media persons writing in English will also participate.

Elena Goretkina is a popular journalist writing for PC Week RE, those who read Russian can estimate an impressive list of Elena's recent publications.

Alexandra Sukhanova is the managing director of CAD/CAM/CAE Observer known by its intelligent approach to the domain. Alexandra is particularly famous by her fascinating series of interviews with the leaders of the world and Russian CAD/PLM market.

Leslie Gordon is for sure well-known to the Western CAD market by her work in Machine Design and Medical Design where Leslie is a senior editor. I hope we shall read Leslie's impressions of her upcoming visit to Moscow.

Deelip, Oleg, and Martyn are without my introduction perfectly known to the English reading CAD-people. I am looking forward to reading many fresh and well-illustrated reports of Deelip, new profound Oleg's thoughts (generated by Moscow atmosphere) about the fate of PLM, and Martyn's articles about the region new for Develop 3D - the magazine which in the twitter times gives hope to the paper media and which is becoming more and more popular in Russia.

Dmitry Ushakov is not only the key technological and product defining person at LEDAS but is also actively writing for isicad.ru / isicad.net, being a leading member of the editorial board of these editions. Dmitry Kraskovsky is the editor-in-chief of "SAPR i Grafika" (~"CAD and Graphics") - definitely the most known Russian CAD-monthly with an obvious and stable pragmatic emphasis. Dmitry Movchan is the founder and CEO of a publishing house DMK-press, which is the leader in producing CAD and IT related popular books in Russian. You see, there are three Dmitrys but this is just a coincidence:)...

It's quite probable that some more Russian people writing about CAD/PLM will attend the event on 21 September. Note that among such persons there could be Russian bloggers who usually prefer to stay incognito (How about participating in a press-conference?). Is such phenomenon known among CAD-bloggers writing in English?

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