Inforbix Demonstrates Product Data Application to Deal with Diverse Data Sources and Formats

First announced in Nov 2010, Inforbix, a new player in the product data management field, recently entered into new phase of its business. The company ran Beta testing program, refreshed website and published new videos. isicad.net contacted Oleg Shilovitsky, Inforbix CEO and founder, who kindly agreed to answer our questions. Here are some of them:
  • You have a strong PDM background: previous ten years you worked at SmarTeam. What advantages gave it to your new business?
  • Inforbix develops a cloud-based product data search, right? Do you plan to extend your technology with other PDM functions - data management, collaboration, CAD integration, revision management?
  • Your technology is based on automatic gathering of meta-data from product data files. What CAD file formats do you support?
  • Do you plan to retrieve product data from PDM systems or only from file system?
  • Do you plan to be a SaaS provider - or you will provide only software? What sales channels do you use?

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