ESI Group Presented Its Solutions in Siberia

This Thursday ESI Group held its seminar in Novosibirsk Research Campus (Akademgorodok, TechnoPark, and other...) - just in the very building where LEDAS has its offices. Akademgorodok includes dozens of hi-tech institutions and enterprises that can potentially become ESI customers and even - partners in development of new solutions. At the announcement you can see the agenda and catch the domain of ESI Group products and solutions:
About ESI Group (from the company web site):
   ESI has developed an extensive suite of coherent, industry-oriented applications to realistically simulate a product's behavior during testing and real life use; to refine manufacturing processes for desired product performance, and to evaluate the effect of the environment in which the product is deployed. ESI's products represent a unique collaborative and open environment for End-to-End Virtual Prototyping.
    The company employs over 750 high-level specialists worldwide covering more than 30 countries. As announced on March 14 2011, consolidated annual revenue saw purely organic annual growth of +12.1% to 84.2 million euro. License sales increased by +14.4% to 61.9 million euro, services sales were up +6.2% over the year as a whole, to 22.3 million.
    Among recent (April ) noticeable news:
- ESI Group acquires Comet Technology Corporation's IP, including "COMET Acoustics" software for low frequency noise and vibration modeling,
- ESI named Company of the Year by the FACC, Recognizing outstanding accomplishments at fostering French-American trade.

In his presentation, Mr Stanislav Vondracek, Sales Director East Europe (who is operating from Czech Republic, Plzen city, known as one of the world beer capitals), not only gave an excellent picture of offerings but also demonstrated an outstanding competence in mathematic background of ESI products which was especially appreciated by the audience mainly consisted of mathematicians and developers of science-intensive software. In particular, this was explained to me by Alexey Ershov, LEDAS CTO, PhD in math.

My interest for ESI Group and Stanislav's visit to Novosibirsk was substantially heated by the fact that Francis Bernard (co-founder and former President of Dassault Systemes, with whom LEDAS is for a long time having fruitful and pleasant contacts) is currently a Board Director of ESI Group. Alexey Ershov discussed with Mr Vondracek possible domains of cooperation and then I was pleased to meet Stanislav in my office.
Many years ago, in the framework of academic partnership, I have very many times been in Czech Republic and believe that this is one of the most emotionally pleasant places I have ever visited.

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