BIM in Russia: Now About Modeling of an Ancient Church

Earlier,  in my blog I have several times presented the isicad.ru Big BIM Discussion. This time,  my task became much easier - thanks to a recent guest editorial by Alexander Bausk "BIM Discussion Gets Heated in Russia" published by Ralph Grabowski in his upFront.eZine #692.

Today isicad.ru presented the 15th isicad-BIM-article of Vladimir Talapoff, a professor of Novosibirsk Architecture University. This is something new: first, the paper is about modeling of an old Siberian wooden church, and, second, now Vladimir has a co-author, a nice girl - a post-graduate student who made all the modeling by means of Autodesk instruments - mainly by Revit and some minor use of AutoCAD. See a part of the model: 
The wooden church built in 18 century in Eastern Siberia: 

was in 1971 carefully moved to the open-air museum of Novosibirsk Scientific Center (where isicad.ru and LEDAS are operating):

The article states that although the BIM means available today are mostly oriented to design of new buildings and constructions, nevetherless a presented project practically proved that BIM can be applied for modeling of architectural monuments as well. The autors believe that effective information modeling of historic buildings should involve at least two different methods. One - "the traditional approach" can be used for brick and stone buildings while "discrete" method is natural for wooden and other dismountable / portable constructions. This article explains discrete approach which enables individual tracing of every element of a buiding.

I recommend you to take a look at the today's Russian publication for at least to see a lot of  pictures and examples of modeling.

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