Petaflops With NVIDIA in Moscow University

The Russian office of NVIDIA informed that today Moscow Lomonosov University installed graphic processors NVIDIA Tesla™ on its supercomputer (also called Lomonosov) which tranforms it into one of the fastest computers worldwide. 

A hybrid extension of "Lomonosov" includes 1554 graphic processors NVIDIA Tesla X2070 and the same number of 4-core CPU, which provides the system with a pick performance of 1.3 petaflops. Among the projects supported by "Lomonosov" there are  global climate change, mechamisms for formation of galaxies, post-genome medicine, and others.     

Two other Russian examples of supercomputing with NVIDIA. Moscow Keldysh Institute for Applied Math uses 192 processors NVIDIA Tesla C2050 for research in nuclear energy, aviation, and oil production. Nyzhny Novgorod University is the first Russian Research CUDA center which actively uses GPU in biology based on 100 teraflops GPU cluster which in 2012 will be enhanced to 500 teraflops.  


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