Francis BERNARD, Dassault Systemes, CATIA, Paris, La Terrasse, 6 October

This is not my first mention of my luck: to have a privilege to meet quite regularly with Francis. Obviously, the man who founded DS, was its first CEO, invented CATIA, so energetically  promoted PLM, and much more, can give a lot of wise recommendations on how to develop one's business related to engineering software. And he can tell you many interesting things not only about CAD.     

Recently I met Francis again. But this post is not about our discussion. I just really like this photo made in a  very Parisian location in Paris: Place de l'École Militaire, Invalides - Tour Eiffel... Francis BERNARD lives close to this place and looks here very natural (click to enlarge):
Yes, it's not about our discussion. But I should mention that Francis is very active: he is a member of the Board in 4 or 5 companies, including very famous ESI-Group. I appreciate very much his flexibility and independence in thinking which is absolutely without any of the veterans' reflexive skepticism about today's events and market trends. And most of all I like the attitude of Francis to what he dislikes: he is very definitive and unequivocal but never angry and always without any smallest signs of hatred. In particular, it's because Francis is completely confident in his personal history and does not need its retrospective optimization:)...

PS. A year ago, isicad.net published a big article by Francis The DASSAULT SYSTEMES Success Story (in English) whose Russian translation attracted a lot of attention by calm content-richness contrasted with today's style of boasting and primitive humiliation of competitors. Recently, one of the Russian readers put a comment (in my unpolished translation): "I read in one sitting! Milestones seem to me fantastic, especially with reference to the years! Just imagine: 1967-77 years, CNC machines, "the full range of applications in the field of 3D CAD / CAM" - for many businesses is now sky-high heights ... In my understanding, Francis Bernard and his team made a technological revolution! They changed the world! Bravo! Long life and good health, Francis!"

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