Who should pay whom? An AECCafe-isicad dialogue

This (see below) response from AECCafe seems to me unreasonable if not ridiculous. I believe media is interested to expand its readership especially to a huge not English-speaking country, isn't it? However I may be wrong because not fully comprehend the laws of this business... And would it be a violation of IP rights if isicad.ru will just retell this article of AECCafe? BTW, what could be the price for translating into English and publishing, say, of our own review of the market trends or its update for Autodesk Forum 2011? Would appreciate any instructive comment. 

We're running a leading Russian CAD-portal isicad.ru. Recently, I've read your article "Top Ten AEC Technology Trends of 2011" and found it quite interesting. So far I ask your permission to translate this article into Russian and publish it at our isicad site.
Vladimir Malukh, isicad.ru editor, LEDAS director for PLM services

Hi Vladimir ,
Yo can republish this article for US $500. Let me know if you are interested.
Sanjay Gangal, AECCafe.Com


  1. David, Welcome to the Internet :). In my view, "content rules". However, there is a need for content delivery mechanism. If you are building a successful delivery mechanism (eg. Google), content owner will come to you. If somebody developed a successful content (eg. Hollywood :)), delivery channel provider will pay you. And you can discover conflicts all the way :). Just my thoughts... Oleg

  2. Oleg, thanks a lot for your practically exhaustive comment. It came to my mind that perhaps AECCafe should pay isicad $500 for the translation into Russian while we should pay AECCafe for the right of publication:).

  3. It matters who you ask. In this case, I'd ask David Heller, who runs IB Systems, the parent of AECCafe.com.