ASCON successfully held its customer forum in a strikingly nice place near St.Petersburg

I have just published at isicad.net a comparatively long article describing a recently held ASCON’s Forum which demonstrated strong aspiration of the company to become global.
The titles of the paper paragraphs give some idea of the content:
1. General info from CEO
2. 3D-kernel as a strong marketing message
3. How ASCON reacts to global trends
4. LOTSMAN-PDM:AEC for Android/iOS as an example of how ASCON reacts to the market trends
5. Customer’s presentations
6. My meetings with ASCON’s top managers
7. ASCON’s corporate review “Stremlenie” (Aspiration)
8. Peterhof: an ideal place to hold an efficient international event.
9. One of my recommendations to ASCON.

Here is the paper and this are some pictures of the place in question (from Google pictures, click to enlarge):

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