What were the most important developments/events FOR the Russian market of engineering software in 2012?

This survey was organized by isicad-Facebook; it included several initial options and a possibility to add those preferred by the followers.

The obvious current winner is “ASCON entered the global market with its geometric kernelC3D”; the second is “The First Russian Autodesk University”, the next are “Release of Nanocad 4/4.5 with open API” and “Start of the Project on the RGK - Russian Geometric Kernel ”… - you can easily catch almost all the others from the key words at the screenshot below.  

Note that those who voted are mostly people of the expert level.

Current results of the survey were today analyzed by Dmitry Ushakov in his paper at isicad.ru. Interestingly, some people decided that an isicad-paper “On comparison of SolidWorks and TFLEX” is itself a noticeable event of 2012; as you can see from a chart in Dmitry’s paper, this comparison at isicad.ru was uniquely visited 14 000 times (and resulted in 1000+ comments).

 C3D, RGK, and some other products and projects mentioned in the isicad survey will be presented at COFES Russia 2013 (May 30 – June 1, Petergof-St.Petersburg ).

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