Just published: two parts of a long paper "The Russian 3D-kernel"

You may have already heard about RGK - the project financed by the Russian government - aimed at building a geometric 3D-kernel. Until yesterday, all publications on RGK were in a meta-style, like for example a press-release  "RGK Russian Geometric Kernel Celebrates First Full-Featured Version" or my paper "Geometric Kernels and Irremovability of Presidents from Office".

Recently, the project (initiated in 2011) has come to the stage when the system became   operational and is under intensive integrated testing.  This enabled writing and publishing a rather detailed technological and technical overview of the achieved results.

The paper published yesterday and written in Russian consists of two parts. The first part  describes architecture, advantages, and facilities of integration the kernels with applications.  The second part presents functionality and the instruments to support building of standardized MCAD applications. The text of about twenty five A4 pages includes 14 pictures and three video clips. See couple examples below.  

isicad will definitely publish a slightly shortened English version before beginning of COFES Russia 2013, i.e. before May, 30.  

Sequence of Boolean operations. Left: Two initial bodies. Middle: result of the first subtraction. Right: final result:

The results of "Sweep" generator:

Kinematics of the mechanism is simulated with the Constraint Solver integrated in RGK:

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