Global CAM Market and LEDAS

A few days ago, LEDAS issued a press-release which announced that in the last financial year the company attracted ever more software development from global CAM market. It looks like the interest of the CAM market in LEDAS is not accidental: at least this can be somehow confirmed by a quote of Alexey Ershov, CEO LEDAS:

Unlike the CAD market in which a few dominant vendors earn billions of dollars a year, the CAM arena is spread among dozens of mid-size and hundreds of small companies providing niche solutions. This is due to the variety in capabilities of machines from many hardware vendors, and so this diversity requires development of an assortment of software, each one narrowly specialized. Machining companies put on the market brand new manufacturing devices and are often primarily focused on the hardware. Only later do they see that advanced software is needed to unleash the full potential of their hardware. These companies find it is easier to contract software development services from a company like LEDAS than to write it in-house. LEDAS has proven experience in this field, and so is highly qualified and more cost effective than for hardware firms to set up their own software development divisions, and then hire and train new employees within this area of specialization.

The LEDAS experience in providing services for the CAM domain is illustrated by a list of some relevant programming projects completed successfully by the company (more details and references can be received by request to info@ledas.com):
  • Automated nest destruction and nest processing for composites and sheet metal,
  • Distributed manufacturing order processing and material lifecycle management for composites and sheet metal,
  • Motion simulation, and collision control for mold design,
  • Path calculator for laser welding and engraving,
  • Cylindrical feature processing for milling and drilling,
  • Automated unloading of sheet material parts,
  • Automatic migration of new GUIs for complex CAM systems.

As part of his upcoming September tour to meet several European customers of LEDAS, Alexey Ershov will attend a number of CAM-related exhibitions:
-  18, Wednesday, Stuttgart, Composites Europe,
-  19, Thursday, Essen, SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN,
-  20, Friday, EMO Hannover

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