Clouds in Russia

Cloud technology is rapidly becoming a mainstream solution worldwide. Although in Russia this direction, at least as SaaS, was earlier implemented in some particular cases (see for example Ralph Grabowski’s report about ASCON, the leading Russian CAD company), it's interesting that here this trend came up very fast to a somewhat advanced (meta?) business and technological scheme – a large marketplace to get together developers and customers of cloud and SaaS solutions.

As it was announced in today’s press-release (available so far only in Russian), business and infrastructure aspects of this marketplace (called Softcloud) is organized and supported by Softline, a Russian company which likely is the biggest Russian provider of IT-services, a partner and VAR of Microsoft, Oracle, Autodesk, Symantec, and many others. Softline has a really huge reselling network - not only in Russia.

Technological partner of the project is Parallels, Inc., a privately-held virtualization technology company. Its marketing, finance, sales, and management are located in the USA while its 500+ developers are working in Russia (Moscow and Novosibirsk). Softcloud is based on the Parallels Automation platform which supports development of cloud services.

The press-release says that, along with technological support from Parallels, Softline offers to SaaS developers a spectrum of opportunities related to distribution and promotion of SaaS solutions.

Softcloud provides platforms for services hosting as well as a full-cycle of sales organization. It is mentioned that "among vendors of Softcloud there are Microsoft, Google Inc, Symantec, and others". Currently the project’s catalogue includes 20+ SaaS-services, their "accessibility and security are guaranteed by hosting in a network of high level data centers allocated in the USA and Europe".

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