Increasing interest in Russia to open source solutions

There are symptoms of increasing interest in Russia to open source solutions. I have recently mentioned this in Russian Parliament Promotes Domestic Linux. Now one more example: a conference «Russian Open Source Forum 2010» to be held on 25th June in Moscow.

The conference organized by VDEL – a Russian distributor of Red Hat – aims to discuss:
· How efficiently open source software (OSS) can satisfy the typical needs of Russian state and commercial organizations?
· The truth and myths around OSS: what are typical risks of deployment and how to minimize them? What are the final advantages?
· Business models of OSS: what are the real costs of free software?
· How to reasonably combine OSS with proprietary software?
· What are business advantages of OSS and how to justify a migration project?
· What is stopping open source in Russia?

The conference includes two sections: OSS for the state and OSS for the commercial sector. Among other topics, state section is going to discuss “Can global experience be applied for transition of Russian governmental offices to OSS?”, while one of the topics at the commercial section is “whether transition to OSS brings some visible cost savings”.

Well, open source and clouds (see Clouds in Russia) are perhaps the best way to overcome illegal software.

Source: http://events.cnews.ru/events/14_04_10.shtml (in Russian).

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