ASCON Unveils the First Ever CAD-on-the-Cloud

Three days ago, ASCON unofficially unveiled its KOMPAS-on-the-cloud system. Along with traditional leak (a brief post in the Russian CNews), ASCON has given an access for testing of its cloud CAD to isicad.ru. See a prompt review by Vladimir Malukh (in English).

The official announcement of this SaaS system is expected at COFES-Russia / isicad-2010 . In the agenda, you can notice a presentation of Oleg Zykov from ASCON: «Russian CAD companies will not wait for imported wings to take off to clouds».

Along with a plenary presentation, KOMPAS-on-the-cloud will definitely be touched at the COFES-Russia working group 5 "New business-models for engineering software". BTW, judging by the preliminary applications for participation, this WG is the most popular among seven WGs of the event.


  1. KOMPAS-3D on the Cloud appears to be using screen scraping technology from Citrix. Correct me if I'm wrong. But isn't Citrix an American company?

  2. Hosted Citrix is widely used world wide. It is NOT specifically related to the CAD on cloud. I know companies doing it a lot with any type of software. CAD, PDM etc. The KOMPAS innovation seems to be only in sales of subscription.