Discussing LEDAS’ heavy technological karma...

Cadovod is one of the most noticeable and bright bloggers writing in Russian about CAD. (Cadovod in Russian sounds like a person who is cultivating CAD - similar to cultivating vegetables or something…).

Recently Cadovod published an interview with me (in Russian), which might be useful for those English readers who are interested in history, current positioning, and development trends of the LEDAS Company.

Among the questions, there are:
Why did you decide to found LEDAS?
How did cooperation with DS start?
Should CAD vendors build their own geometric solvers or should they license them from Siemens or LEDAS?
Does LEDAS plan to produce its own CAD?
Why did LEDAS start building CAD-oriented applications?
and other...

We at isicad decided to translate that interview and now you can read it in English at isicad.net.

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