Deelip Menezes and Martyn Day at LEDAS and around

25 September Deelip Menezes and Martyn Day spent in Novosibirsk: at LEDAS office and around. In his blog, Deelip describes this day (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) and says:

"Martyn Day from DEVELOP3D and I are in Novosibirsk in Siberia to visit LEDAS, a very interesting Russian software research and development company. We spent the entire day at LEDAS and learned a great deal about them, a lot of which was highly classified and not for public consumption. I intend to write more about the company, its technologies and products after I get back to India".

What I can add to Deelip's posts are a few photos and two video clips that I definitely recommend to see:).

Before the beginning of a series of seminars.

Guests listen to an overview of a LEDAS application with advanced features of direct modeling to be released in December

It was especially nice when guests began to passionately argue among themselves on how to develop business of LEDAS

On our way to Armenian restaurant "Anait", Deelip is still interested in discussing with me the LEDAS pricing policy and...

... variational direct modeling - with Dmitry Ushakov.

Deelip, just do it - number 2! (see number 1)

This does not mean that after 57% Armenian vodka Deelip could not keep his spoon: this is just Siberian hospitality.

The main hero of the two video clips below is the financial director of LEDAS, a man with a lot of talents - Evgeniy Kuznetsov.

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