DEVELOP3D makes the first step to the Russian market with isicad.ru

There are people who believe that magazines (especially paper versions) are not effective and will not survive. Nevertheless some are obviously attractive and successful. A good example is DEVELOP3D founded and published in the UK by well-known experts and journalists, Al Dean and Martyn Day.

DEVELOP3D is based on both high competence of its editorial board and its business scheme. The journal has printed and electronic versions - the latter is available as a blog-like web site or can be downloaded as a PDF-copy of the printed version. The magazine is free for its readers, business comes from advertising published in the paper version. The concept of the magazine combines seriousness and substance of articles with a modern design - a bright and attractive but from my point of view never going over the brink of kitsch. Everybody hopes that professional magazines are independent in their opinions, and DEVELOP3D seems to be a good example of such independence which is very important for serious readers.

isicad.ru always believed that DEVELOP3D could be useful for the Russian CAD/PLM market therefore I am glad that during a recent visit of Martin Day to Moscow and Novosibirsk, we agreed on some kind of cooperation. In particular, from now on we will highlight new DEVELOP3D publications and translate the most interesting articles into Russian. In particular we've put a block of news from DEVELOP3D on the front page of isicad.ru (see a picture above or the block itself): just as we do for the relevant Russian magazines CAD/CAM/CAE Observer, "CAD and Graphics", and PCWeek RE.

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