What browsers are preferred in the Russian CAD market?

Recently published data presents that probably for the first time, Internet Explorer has less than a half (49,87%) of the world browsers usage; in previous month it was 51,34% while a year ago 58,37%. Firefox has very stable second position with about 31% , and Chrome is the third: during the last year it has grown from 3,69 to 11,54%.

In Europe IE had in September 40,3% and 52,3% in North America.
In Russia such statistics is quite different: Firefox is a stable leader with 33,03%, and then: Opera (30,18%), IE (25,61%), and Chrome 8,84%.

A picture above shows statistics related to the visitors of www.isicad.ru. These data may be considered as characteristic for CAD/PLM vendors / distributors / advanced customers in Russia and CIS.

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