Bricscad Enters 3D Solid Modeling for Mechanical Design Market. A Long Interview with Erik De Keyser

isicad had a chance to interview Erik De Keyser, founder and CEO of Bricsys - the company which positions itself as at least a leader of the world of AutoCAD analogues. My conclusion: Erik wants to go much further.

Here are the questions:
-You position your main product – Bricscad – as the number one DWG CAD alternative. What are your advantages over competitors?
-What industries cover your solutions? Who are your customers?
- Is the Russian market important for you? What are your plans here?
- How long are you in the CAD business? Please describe in brief your background and Bricsys history.
- Bricscad is a platform for application developers – there are over 170 third-party products based on it. How do you support third-party developers?
- Previous versions of Bricscad were based on the IntelliCAD platform. Why have you left the ITC?
- Recently you released Bricscad for LINUX. Do you plan to enter the Mac OSX or maybe the iOS (iPad) markets?
- Your second product – Vondle – a document and data management system, is based on the SaaS business model. Are you planning to use the same model for Bricscad?
- In the latest version of Bricsys Platinum you introduced 3D parametric solid modeling. Did existing users request this functionality or are you planning to attack new markets with it?
- Last summer Dassault Systemes released its free DWG CAD (DraftSight). Has it impacted your business? (asked and answered before SWW 2011)
- What are your plans for the next years?

For detailed and open Erik's answers visit the paper at isicad.net.

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