Microsoft in Russia: +25%. What about Autodesk?

According to the article in the Russian daily Vedomosty (partially based on the IDC data, the Russian sales of Microsoft in 2010 grew by at least 25% while the whole Russian software market increased by only 15%. IDC estimates the Russian income of MS in 2009 as $800M and correspondingly as 1 billion in 2010. At the same time, IDC believes that the total volume of Russian software market during 2010 increased up to $ 2.3 billion which means that MS's software market share in Russia is today about 43% (looks strange to me).

The sources of this MS growth are more or less clear:
- general market recovery after the crisis,
- success of Windows 7,
- increase of the share of legal software, primarily due to the corporate sector,
- expansion to the Russian regions: the number of MS regional offices/partners has increased over the year from 58 to 70.

Why, in this context, I mention Autodesk? Just because among the CAD vendors in Russia it's only Autodesk which can somehow be compared with MS: of course not by the income but in particular because in Russia Autodesk is definitely the No.2 actor (aggrieved party) of all cases on the illegal software, obviously - after Microsoft. Autodesk, as practically all CAD vendors operating in Russia, never opens absolute data about its annual income, however comparative changes are usually announced. Thus, I am interested in how the Autodesk growth in Russia within its financial year corresponds to 25% of MS and to 15% of the whole software market. Everyone who has seen the Russian Autodesk Forum 2010 (see some pictures) can hardly imagine a lack of considerable growth of the Autodesk sales in 2010:).

Well, another source of MS-Autodesk associations is a recent media flash (joke? provocation? non fantastic scenario?) about possible acquisition of Autodesk by Microsoft. I wouldn't love such development. However anything can happen in our world.

Source (in Russian): here.

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