Draft Sight of Monaco

LEDAS has in Monaco a good customer whiсh can probably become very good but so far asked me not to mention in my blog a name of the company. So I can only show you a fragment of the office which is not enough to detect which company I visited:).  Some people might think it's a mirrow. No, it's a picture:
We finished our morning discussions and went for a lunch:
Here is an interesting part of the lunch, Sicilian vine and (an invention of our creative host) an ice cream with raisins and rum:
I walked around the restaurant trying to detect whether a yatch of a Russian-UK billionaire Abramovitch is here:) :
A friend of our host, Michael Klotz, a German pilot (Frankfurt-Tokio-Frankfurt) lives in Monaco and manages a local helicopter company ready to provide you a high-level service:
The lunch was very nice. When we came back to the office, I needed some rest:
and then tried to work (don't understand how people can work hard in such environment):
Then there was a dinner. Again - wonderful wine, interesting dishes, ice-cream (for me - without rum), and again we were happy to meet Michael Klotz...

Well, a very fruitful 15-hours-long day in Monaco... 

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