Paris, May 25-26

Yes, it's Paris:

Francis BERNARD, founder of Dassault Systemes and father of CATIA lives and works in Paris. Now he is talking to Dmitry Ushakov, CEO LEDAS:
My small interview with Francis BERNARD is here.

For various reasons, not everybody with whom we had meetings in Paris wished to be mentioned in my travel posts. But Phil Shapiro agreed. Phil is a mature expert in АЕС/BIM and an international trainer/reseller of Rhino and Rhino plug-ins. Says Phil: RhinoWorks, it's cool! :

Fortunately, Vitaly Telerman also has no concerns about personal confidentiality. In old acadimic times, Vitaly contributed a lot into background of LEDAS team and its technologies. It's enough to mention that he was a scientific adviser of a student and post-graduate Dmitry Ushakov. For a long time, Vitaly lives in Paris:   

Some more pictures.

Jean and Michelle:

It's +25C but beer is not something you want to drink here in Paris. On the foreground, one can see a pigeon as a main dish

Cheese with a true-cheese smell:

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