How Extreme Sport Help in Organizing PTC Innovation Forums in Russia

All I ever heard about marketing managers (at least in Russia) proved my impression that they are the most busy people, constantly organizing something important, moving in space-time with cosmic speed. Last week I was lucky to interview Elena Krasnikova, Marketing Manager, PTC Russia, and this confirmed my impression once again. A formal reason for this interview was an invitation to isicad.ru to become the main information partner of the 7th (in Russia) Annual PTC Innovation Forum , but I also wanted to better understand the nature of work in marketing, difficulties, joy, motivation, etc.

In May-June the PTC Forums will be held in four cities of Russia and CIS: Elena gave a lot of details about their agenda, participants, and speakers. PTC plans to start distribution of localized Creo in Russia already in June. Besides the Forums we spoke about relationships with partners and competitors. Elena made her comments on a planned COFES-Russia-2012. It turned out, btw, that Elena is a fan of extreme sports...

This big interview was published in Russian, a Google translation is here.

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