Marina Korol is Responsible For All Autodesk Partners in a 15 000 km Region from Vladivostok to Cape Town

I think that any competent and honest actor of the Russian CAD/PLM market, regardless of his or her corporate affiliation, knows that Marina Korol is one of the avatars of not only of "Autodesk-in-CIS", but also of all the engineering software of the domestic industry. Those who do not know may agree with me after reading Marina's fascinating autobiography at the end of the interview just published on isicad.ru.

Marina Korol is Channel Development Manager, Emerging countries (Russia, CIS, Middle East, Africa, Mediterranean countries). This means that she is responsible for contacts with Autodesk partners from Vladivostok (close to Japan) to Cape Town (!). Saudi Arabia also belongs to this region but Marina could not so far get a visa to this country. Why? Marina mentioned this episode in a long interview which mainly gives a lot of detailed answers characterizing partnership policy of Autodesk, so I hope you will read it in Russian or in English (Google translation with a funny title).

I strongly recommend not to miss Marina's biography: it is not a standard reference, in a sense, it is a description of the history of the Russian CAD industry in Russia through the life and career of the individual. In my Russian blog, I mentioned that such biography can be naturally screened and asked who in such movie can play a role of Marina. One of the comments proposed Sharon Stone...

BWT, Korol in Russian means King.

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