Bricsys in Novosibirsk – 2. Shashlik under Tent

TechnoPark, Armenian restaurant Anait, and camping Bylina are the key attractions of Novosibirsk Scientific Center:). To say nothing about LEDAS-isicad, which, by the way  is somehow related with the mentioned three places.

I have already reported about visiting TechnoPark and Anait. Some part of my (especially, Russian) readers know Bylina: there, we have organized an essential part of cultural program of the 3-days forums isicad-2006 and isicad-2008. At the indicated pages you can see some noticeable actors of the CAD/PLM market in relaxed atmosphere - including dancing:).       

Here is a fragment of the Bylina camping:

Guests from Bricsys started their excursion with a dinner in a big tent:
The excursion included barbeque (more precisely - shashlik):
prepared by the two professionals:
and decorated by the girls from SibCongress, the company which organized all our Siberian isicad forums:
Looks like the guest are happy:
Belgium is a recognized world beer leader. That's why the guests are vividly interested in the Internet-based review of beer situation in Russia and Novosibirsk:
Btw Bylina is equipped not only by Wi-Fi but by a lot of other elements of high tech (doorplates: toilet and chief engineer):
Before desert - a 15-minute walk to the Berdsk bay:
Eugene Kuznetsov, LEDAS CFO, proposed Erik De Keyser, Bricsys CEO, to bathe in the bay, however Erik refused because he wants to make some more development to his Bricscad:):
No more information:) (Bylina information panel)

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  1. I'm afraid you underestimate such a humble but really iconic person of all those events. Please pay more attention to Eugene Kuznetsov who definitely is the "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" since isicad'2004. Any doubt? Just see the last photo from the previous post (http://levindavid.blogspot.com/2011/07/bricsys-visits-novosibirsk.html). All of your guests will agree I suppose.