Bricsys visits Novosibirsk

Today a delegation of top managers (CEO, CFO, and COO) from Bricsys (a well-known Belgian and global CAD company) arrived to Novosibirsk Scientific Center for a 2-day visit. 

The guests observed one of the key places - a building of TechnoPark (a business center for high tech companies) which is currently under intensive construction. 
The Bricsys management was so much impressed that it was decided to immediately go to Anait - a favourite Siberian-Armenian restaurant of Deelip Menezes and Martyn Day
There, at Anait, impressions of the day were balanced by Armenian vodka: grape - 45%, apricot - 51,  and Cornelian cherry / dogwood - 51. It looks like Erik de Keyser, Bricsys CEO is well balanced: 
 But real overall balance came when Erik perfectly and unexpectedly implemented a famous trick: drinking burning mulberry vodka - 57% . He did this so skillfully quickly that a photographer was able to catch only the very last phase of the process. In the left-hand side you can see a jealously looking Grand Master of such a trick, Eugene Kuznetsov. LEDAS CFO. Erik definitely demonstrated the power of Bricys:  

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