Thanks to DS and Siemens, Russian PLM market in August was completely devoted to aviation

DS and SPLM are always competing in the Russian aircraft industry however in this August the companies marketing activity seems to become record-breaking. One of the reasons is a traditional biennial Aviation&Space salon MAKS  held  about 10 days ago near Moscow. Within two weeks isicad.ru received from DS and SPLM five (5) press-releases: two of them described effective participation of DS in MAKS, one from SPLM announced that Ukrainian aircraft company “Antonov” for its transport planes selected NX and Teamcenter (btw Antonov also uses DS solutions), while two more press-releases announced that both companies are very closely cooperate with Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI).

DS has installed in MAI five hundred (500!) licenses of SolidWorks Campus, organizes education process based on SW and CATIA for junior and senior courses correspondingly, and apply SW for industrial design of light aircrafts in educational center of MAI.
The SPLM press-release announces deployment of all company’s PLM solutions for all elements of the educational process of MAI.    

Also note that both DS and SPLM actively contributed to the design of the Russian Superjet-100. 

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