ASCON and UTAC launch QiBox - integrated solution to optimize pre-production in automotive industry

Today ASCON announced launching an integrated solution for control of pre-production in automotive industry according to ISO/TS 16949 standard. The solution called QiBox (quality-in-box) has been developed in cooperation with a French consulting company UTAC known as an auditor of quality control systems at Renault-Nissan. QiBox is announced as oriented for "improving the work of component suppliers during pre-production phase in automotive industry". It includes module ANPQP - a module which implements quality control at Renault-Nissan in the form of automated business-process as well as output documentation.  

As announced, QiBox includes CAPP VERTICAL  and PDM LOTSMAN (both from ASCON) and can work with any industrial CAD.

Source: ASCON's press-release (Russian)
See also:
UTAC website

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