Siemens PLM doubles staff of its Moscow office

In my recent isicad.ru editorial I wrote: “Some observers noted that during several months, SPLM Russia has been intensively publishing ads for job. According to some rumors, the Moscow office has today about 70 employees…”.

Thanks to a mini-interview with Olga Akulova, Marketing Director Eastern Europe at Siemens PLM Software, I could transform these rumors into facts.

Olga, they say your office is rapidly growing and today has 70 persons.
We have already exceeded 100. This happened over the last two years.   

Could you outline, how this hundred is distributed by specializations? Do you have some new administrative groups?  
We significantly extended groups of professional service, marketing, and sales. We introduced some new more detailed specializations. To improve responsiveness, a quality control group was enhanced. A special group was organized to support Velocity Series product line.  

Was this a result of some concrete decisions? Is it recognition of the good prospects of Russian market?
Our company always considered the Russian market as very promising, you can take a look at the multiple interviews of SPLM top managers. And also, this growth just confirms good results already achieved by our team.   

I remember visiting your rather small office... How could you place there all this 100?!
This spring, the Moscow Siemens moved to its own very modern building in the city center. By the way, last autumn our office in Saint Petersburg also moved into a new building.   

Are there any news about distribution of Solid Edge? There were clear signs of increased attention from the company's top management...
I can mention establishing and extension of the group to promote Velocity. We've received considerable investments into development of partnership network. There was organized a group to adjust the product to the standards of Russian Federation. We definitely feel excellent prospects in this direction.

We are ready to answer your detailed questions. And welcome to our new office!

Thank you. The questions will be sent promptly. And will definitely visit you at least to take a look at the own very modern building of Siemens.

P.S. Detailed questions from isicad have already been sent.  

P.P.S. Note that within approximately one last year, Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, ASCON, and maybe some other companies have also moved into new, much bigger offices in Russia ...   

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