Sadistic Developers and User’s Interface

My background, including the first steps in my professional life, is in software developing. Nevertheless, almost from the outset of my studies and carrier path (and the more so when I forever joined the community of naïve users) I always had a tendency to react badly to what I would call sadistic developers’ complexes (or – the show of muscle, or - Machismo playing in the nerds’ heads:)) that seem to infiltrate any user’s interface; and so on a regular basis I dreamed about a perfect product.

Well, the ideal does not and cannot exist. Still, as I gradually replaced one of the early HTC and so cumbrous in every respect lap- and desktop computers with Apples, I feel how my end-user pain subsides: I know they are thinking more about us...

English translation of my Russian post was made by Olga Luckashenko.

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