Summer memories: Barcelona

Today the summer is over, and now, in Siberia, I reminisce couple days spent in Barcelona with my two (from six) grandchildren. These are some pictures and videos with minimum comments. 

We already know that Barcelona has won 2-1:

At the market Boqueria:

Columbus vs the man of today? :) :

The kids, lunch, and Olympic Games:

Simple Spanish/Catalan guys: 

The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família is known by everyone as the Number One attraction of Barcelona and a masterpiece of Gaudi (click to enlarge):

I wonder what could this gentleman tell to a girl to make her so happy (click to enlarge):
This Catalan word sounds for me more expressive than all its translations that I know:
Montjuïc (according to Wikipedia translated as 'Jew Hill' in medieval Catalan, or is perhaps related to the Latin phrase Mons Jovicus ('hill of Jove')) together with its "colored and music" fountain is one of the top 10 city attractions. A view from the hill is really great (make a full screen):
Frankly, I did not understand why thousands of people compete to occupy comfortable places and are waiting 2-3 hours to see how he fountain starts. But they do wait, and they obviously are happy.     
During those waiting hours, some local people are making their business:
However a Russian child with his spontaneous parody overdanced all businessmen:
The Fountain is alive:

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