Just published at isicad.net: The Power of T-FLEX CAD Parametric Modeling. Part I - with 30 video clips

isicad.net has just published "The Power of T-FLEX CAD Parametric Modeling. Part I"  by CEO and CTO of Top Systems, a leading Russian privately held CAD/PLM company which this summer celebrated its 20th anniversary. The company is known first of all by its well-developed parametric MCAD system T-FLEX, which is quite popular in Russia and CIS and, probably, when supported by a powerful marketing, could become popular globally. You can find some characteristics of T-FLEX in “T-FLEX Parametric CAD by Deelip Menezes , “The Russian MCAD Market by Ralph Grabowski, and in multiple publications of isicad.net – such as for example  “T-FLEX CAD 12 Released”.
Experts and developers of Top Systems has accumulated a huge competence and experience in engineering software, and nobody was surprised to learn at the beginning of 2012 that Top Systems became one of the key contractors of the Russian Geometric Kernel project.

Top Systems has step by step built a full scale PLM environment – also integrated with a number of ERP-modules. Some intermediate results of this direction were presented at seminar COFES-Russia/isicad-2010. I hope that attendees of the planned COFES-Russia/isicad-2013 will be able to learn much about the latest PLM-results of Top Systems – called PLM+.

Interesting to mention that couple days ago, I wrote in @levin_david: “Today the isicad.ru article (from May 21) which compares SolidWorks vs Russian T-FLEX received a comment No.1000  http://bit.ly/OvjgOQ“.  I believe that Top Systems has not yet realized its full potential and hopefully this richly illustrated paper will increase global awareness of the company, its solutions, and competence.  

Part II soon to appear. 

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