AutoCAD WS in Moscow

In December 2010, within the agenda of COFES-Israel, I had a chance to visit an Israeli office of the company Visual Tao whose product became globally known as AutoCAD WS after Visual Tao had been in 2009 acquired by Autodesk. In my Russian blog I published a lot of pictures from that visit because I found the office and its spirit as very much impressive. 

This post is intended to attract your  attention to the isicad-interview with Tal Weiss, one of the organizers and top managers of Visual Tao/AutoCAD WS. Tal was one of the most noticeable speakers at the recent Autodesk CIS Forum in Moscow. Before you switch to the interview "Innovator's dilemma of AutoCAD WS", look at the pictures below made in December: Tal is with Iris Shoor, the girl who actually generated the idea of a product and a company that finally were transformed into WS, and - a view from balcony at the Israeli office:

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